Getting Your GED

Getting Your GED

The GED, or General Equivalency Degree, is an alternative to graduating high school. It can be taken by high school students who wish to drop out or who have already dropped out and want to have something that shows they got the equivalent to their high school diploma. It is comprised of a test and (sometimes) classes that help students lead up to and pass that test. Once you have the GED, you can get into college and access to some jobs that you may have not been able to get before. If you have dropped out of high school or are thinking about doing so, you should definitely consider getting your GED to move ahead in life.

How to Get Your GED

Getting your GED is easy. Almost all local community colleges offer a GED program for students who wish to obtain their degree. The first step is to go in and take some placement tests which determine whether or not you are ready for the test. If you are, you will be able to take the test right away and move on. If not, you must first take a few classes that teach you the basics of what is going to be on the GED. These classes include math, science and English (which includes grammar, reading and writing). Once your test is scheduled, you simply go in and take it, and you will receive your results in a few months.

Should You Look into GED Programs?

The GED is not for everyone. If you are able to finish high school, you should really consider pursuing that option. But if you are forced to move and would have to take extra classes and graduate late due to differing credit requirements, you might consider getting your GED to stay on track. In addition, if you are planning on going to a community college anyway and feel that you are through with your high school experience, you can go ahead and get your GED to start on your college career early. If you have been out of high school for a long time, it’s never too late to get your GED, and it will improve your confidence and help you move farther in life.