Finding a Rewarding Career in Criminal Justice With an Online Degree

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

An online degree in criminal justice can open up many rewarding career opportunities. The field of criminal justice is a vital and expanding career field. Positions in this career cannot be outsourced and will remain an important part of society for all of the foreseeable future. Education in this field can range from simple certificates all the way to doctorate level programs.

An online degree is the popular choice for already working professionals or those with family or other obligations that prevent them from following a traditional student schedule. These degrees can be completed at the student’s own pace and schedule. There is no need to commute or attend classes, and there is still excellent opportunity to collaborate with peers. Most online courses offer the same resources and support as in-class programs.

Criminal justice as a broad career field. It covers all the jobs related to law enforcement, security and legal services. This includes police, lawyers, government agents, corrections officers and many others. Graduates can find interesting positions with all levels of education. Graduates may work for police departments, correctional facilities, government organizations or legal firms. Those who choose to go freelance with the degree can find lucrative and interesting work as a private investigator. Private investigation is the fastest growing position in criminal justice and is used by a variety of organizations and individuals.

Entry level positions are available with an associates degree, but most positions will require at least a bachelors degree in criminal justice. A masters degree opens up new opportunities and will make a candidate more enticing to top firms and positions. Those with a doctorate degree will probably find work as college educators, professional trainers or government policy advisers.

A criminal justice degree is often well complimented with IT, medical or science degrees for some of the most interesting fields. Forensic investigators, for example, will need education related to criminal justice, biology and physics. With cyber-crime becoming growing epidemic, many businesses are hiring dedicated experts in computer and network security. A degree in criminal justice combined with IT training can be of major benefit to those planning a career in technology security.

There has never been a better time to enter into this rewarding and interesting career field with an online degree in criminal justice. The face of law and the demands of criminal justice are dynamic. New challenges and new opportunities are always being presented. One thing is for sure: as long as there is crime or the potential for crime experts in the field of criminal justice will always be in demand.