Modern Engineering Degree Programs Go 100 Percent Digital

Modern Engineering Degree Programs Go 100 Percent Digital

An academic background in engineering is a challenging one that leads to professions as software, civil, electrical, aerospace, mechanical, or chemical engineers. Traditionally, reputable universities have only offered students the opportunity to earn engineering degrees through conventional classroom programs. As times and attitudes change more universities adapt traditional degree program offerings to modern, online formats. Online engineering degree programs present some notable challenges that some schools have happened to overcome through innovative teaching techniques.

Benefits of Completing an Online Engineering Degree Program

Online degree programs’ flexibility is likely the number one benefit of the degree program. People from all walks of life decide to pursue their dreams of a degree online because of the convenience factor of these programs. Young working professionals trying to gain a competitive edge in the market place, mid-level personnel wanting to switch careers, and established senior managers desiring to cement their positions firmly within their company all consider online engineering degree programs.

The stigma that employers had about online degrees has all but vanished from today’s finicky job market. This is in large part due to advances in technology, innovations in teaching methods, and frequent adaptation of traditionally top ranked schools’ programs into online formats. These new developments allow students to participate in reputable degree programs often while maintaining full-time employment.

Challenges of Online Engineering Degree Programs

Both program-based and student related challenges exist with online engineering degree programs. Some engineering degree programs like computer and software engineering adapt very smoothly into the online format while others take a bit of creativity to pull off successfully. For example, engineering disciplines like chemical and biomedical engineering have always incorporated hands on laboratory work as part of the degree requirement. In fact, some consider these “labs” as the most challenging part of the engineering course load.

Additionally, students with the freedom to take classes whenever they wish tend to delay lectures and class assignments. Procrastination leads to trouble in top ranked online engineering degree programs that have degree deadlines.
The Best Online Engineering Degree Programs

While top ranked schools and their staff cannot solve all the problems students are likely to face while pursuing online degrees, they have come a long way in making online education a viable option for working professionals. Many of the reputable schools with distance learning engineering programs have created online labs for their degree programs that include chemical, biomedical, aerospace, mechanical, and environmental engineering. According to a recent survey by U.S. News & World Report, the top three schools with online engineering degree programs include University of Southern California (Viterbi School), Pennsylvania State University (World Campus), and Columbia University (Fu Foundation).